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3 min readNov 10, 2021

Thrilled to have reached the second stage of Sunder’s mainnet launch, users can now sunder BORING into isolated tokens for both, DAO participation and Earnings. Some perks for Sunder holders are included as well, where users can stake their SUNDER into BoringDAO pools for farming rewards!

BoringDAO as stated on the previous Mainnet launch article is to be one of the first protocols that is being integrated into Sunder for isolating utilities, with the characteristics of Snapshot-based governance participation. This implies, that BORING dToken holders will participate and execute their voting rights directly via Snapshot, as the isolated token is added into the Governance module for participation.

BoringDAO — Sunder general details:

BORING token address: “0xBC19712FEB3a26080eBf6f2F7849b417FdD792CA”
BORING dToken address: “0xAe61EBE4b70f0740C53482413C56B8C924e1A9c3”
BORING eToken address: “0x066CdF088C17fF05432A48b08f701f5EB8c3CDF3”
sVault: “0xf68f6c18F7467aA4F05Aba82d4a0e3158036D265” *
BORING dToken/BORING pool:

Let’s dive in on how users can benefit from both DAO participation while earning yields on BoringDAO’s case:


Once in the Sunder App, users can start sundering their BORING holdings on the main page on the mint section, in order to mint BORING dTokens and eTokens; via approving the contract and pressing ‘sunder’ for the desired amount.

Once executed, users will be in ownership of minted isolated tokens at a 1:1 ratio towards the deposited BORING amount.

BORING dToken features:

Users in ownership of BORING dTokens can directly participate in governance proposals via BoringDAO’s Snapshot page and are allowed to vote on these with the same rights as if it were done with BORING tokens.

In addition, users can become liquidity providers on the dBORING/BORING pool on SushiSwap, and stake the LP tokens into Sunder on the ‘Liquidity Rewards’ section for participating in farming rewards at a rate of 35,000SUNDER per Epoch.

BORING dToken/BORING pool:

To further understand about how our approach towards governance integrations work, we suggest to read up on our recently released article about it here

BORING eToken features:

As for BORING eToken holders, users can choose to stake these into the Sunder Vault for becoming eligible for the Yields farmed by Sunder Protocol. Currently, the yields provided for such participants is at 661.81% APY!

In order to join, simply stake your eTokens into the ‘Earn Yield’ section and you will benefit from the automatisation of Sunder protocol for farming and reward distribution on these.


Farming rewards for SUNDER holders on BoringDAO

We’re also pleased to communicate that BoringDAO & community is expected to be supporting SUNDER Governance token for single sided staking rewards within their protocol farm, incentivised via rewards in BORING!
40,000BORING/day are attributed to Sunder stakers.

All details in regards to the proposal can be found here:

Other references such as details released on our previous product launch article can be found here, as well as our newly released documentation!

About Sunder Protocol | Vision

The vision of Sunder Protocol is to allow any user to extract full value of governance tokens through Sunder Protocol. Participating in governance while earning yield to be simultaneously achievable, avoiding excessive overhead cost spent on fees.

Governance Participation should not be an excluding factor for alternative utilities, left available to fewer large holders.

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